Mateus Lira



I love technology, especially Open-Source and Cloud Native Solutions. I can help you bring security and scalability to your solution, decreasing your stress and increasing your profit.

Site Reliability Engineer & Cloud Specialist.

Curiosities about me:

  • Circadian Cycle: I sleep before 22pm
  • Color: I might like blue
  • Kids: Still don't, but I will :)
  • Married: Almost

  • Where do I live? Sharks City, Brazil (Recife)
  • Degree: Computer Engineering
  • Almost did: Eletronics Engineering ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Shy: I was afraid to talk even with the waiter


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Terraform with Azure

Learn how to create your infrastructure from the ground zero using Terraform

Articles on Medium

Read my articles and learn from Technology to Lifestyle

  • Bicep - Azure's Open-source IaC Tool
  • Terraform and more

Kubernetes Course

Learn how to create a Kubernetes cluster in this Course for Free


DevOps | SRE Roadmap

Understand everything the market is searching in a professional


João Filipe Moura

Tech Lead & SRE @Schub

Mateus is a very hard working guy with a lot of desire and passion for technology. He has no fear facing new challenges and dives into any problem is put in front of him. His atitude is always open. He accepts and reacts well on negative feedback, and also knows how to receive compliments. Last but not least he is a great team player.

Luciana Acássia

Software Engineer @Accenture

Mateus is an incredible professional, he has a great ability to absorb knowledge and especially to pass on the acquired knowledge. His willingness to teach and help is one of his greatest strengths. I was lucky to meet him at the beginning of a career in IT, sharing my day-to-day work, and even luckier not loosing touch and continue to learn and being inspired by him, every day.

Anne Aguiar

Tech Delivery @Accenture

Mateus is a super competent and dedicated professional. He is a quick thinker and has a lot of technical baggage absorbed with a lot of training and learning practice. We've worked on the same team and I only have positive points to reinforce about his performance and behavior.


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